3 Simple Tips For Creating Healthy Eating Habits

*Article by Cory Hewko at Vernon Active Health

I am by no means a complete model of health if you were to look at my diet and lifestyle, but then again how many people are? Very few people can eat really healthy all day, every day. Most of us are trying to create healthy eating habits and it is a lot easier if you make it a part of your daily life. What I do is stay on a conscious level everyday about what goes into my mouth. I have days like everyone else where I eat fast food for lunch and then go home and throw in a pizza and wash it down with a beer. But I try then to eat really healthy for the next day or 2 before I put anything else “bad” into my stomach. I want to share a few tips that I use that help me maintain my 80/20 rule. That is eat 80% healthy food and 20% “crap” food.

Diets are usually short term and usually end by binge eating and feeling worse than when you started. So why not take small steps each day so that it becomes a part of your life instead of just a “quick fix”.

A few things that I do:

Eat smaller portions of sweets
– When I used to get a craving for sugar (usually chocolate), I would buy a chocolate bar (kit kat) or if it’s summer a DQ blizzard (Skor or Smarties). However, my wife Chantal taught me to break off a small piece of that chocolate bar and put it back in the fridge and go somewhere and eat it. Why it works is because it satisfies my craving for sugar and I didn’t sit down and eat the whole thing to realize that I only needed a little chunk of it.

Dish smaller portions
– At dinner we keep our food dishes on the stove top and only dish about half a plate of food. This allows us to eat at the table without having food in close proximity to easily dish seconds. Most times I don’t go for second helpings as I am feeling satisfied by what I took initially.

Start the day with a smoothie
– Most mornings I will have a smoothie for breakfast as it gives me energy to start my day and helps me get 4-7 servings of fruits and vegetables right off the bat. I usually mix a scoop of protein powder, almond milk, banana, carrots, kale or spinach, and frozen berries. Mix it up though so you don’t get tired drinking the same smoothie. Start slowly adding smoothies into your morning such as 2 or 3 times per week and then go from there. I also love egg on toast or peanut butter and banana on toast!

If you start changing your eating habits slowly it will be easier to maintain for the long-term. If you change too many things too quickly it will be easier to binge eat at some point and get off track. I would love to hear what you do to stay on track with your healthy eating. Please leave your comments!

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