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Like a king or queen, Instagram is the social media platform we can’t quite decide if we hate or love.

At TME, we love it. It’s proven to be indispensable to marketers and customers because it solves an important problem: it helps customers find businesses they need. 

If you are not killing it on Instagram, then what are you doing? Where else are you going to thrive if you cannot succeed here?

Here are 5 tried and proven ways to boost your Instagram account to ensure you stand out in a sea of content. 


  1. Storytelling

We all love stories; they are the medium through which people make meaning of the world around them. Use this to your advantage by engaging users through your Instagram Stories.

In stories you can create videos or post photos that aren’t professionally done and won’t mess with the aesthetic of your feed. But those unfiltered and more organic images and videos can really captivate an audience. Small live videos can enhance your authenticity and enable you to build an organic following. Users enjoy watching them because it allows them to be apart of the lives of others.

For example, hosting live Q&A sessions can enable you to connect with your audience and share information that improves their lives. These sessions can also provide you with content for your feed.


  1. Hashtags are a must 

Hashtags enable others to find you, even when they have not heard about your brand.

Besides increasing exposure, they are uniquely effective in reaching new audiences and engaging with new connections.

You can use a site like Hashtagify.Me to discover which hashtags are trending. The benefit of these apps is that they show you how the hashtags can be used and who is using them, they indicate how many posts are using each hashtag.

At TME, we recommend choosing:

  1. a couple hashtags that are branded specific to you. These won’t rank high in search results but will help you build a niche of hashtags.
  2. the majority of hashtags should be between 50K-100K posts that also use the hashtag. This ensures people are searching for you but not so many that you will get lost in the millions.
  3. a couple hashtags that are generic or used in millions of posts. Hey, you might get lucky and your post might start trending.

Also, don’t be afraid to peep at your competitors’ choice of hashtags and use the ones that are working. We won’t tell if you don’t!

If you need help optimizing hashtags, contact TME. We are running a one-time $50 special on a hashtag optimization report for your business.

  1. Host Instagram contests 

I’m sure you have seen these, haven’t you? People respond positively to opportunities to win something. It makes them feel that they are being rewarded.

Besides generating buzz for your brand, this shows your fun side. And trust me, you want to be fun. Everybody wants to bring fun into their life.

One contest you could test is “Like My post to win.” This is easy to run and encourages audiences to engage with your content and share it. (You don’t have to have expensive prizes! Think about giving away a small service or small product.)

“Selfie” Photo contest. We have to admit we are addicted to selfies. They feed our inner diva. Leverage this and see magic occur when you ask followers to share a selfie detailing their experience interacting with your brand.

Photo Contest with voting. Running an image competition creates a lot of buzz and attracts more people to your platform.

Before you run a contest, please make sure it is something your audience would enjoy.

Know your audience, people. It’s literally the first step in Sun Tzu’s Art of War. 


  1. Leverage Instagram Posts

There are many tools that you can use to optimize your productivity and performance on Instagram.

Crowdfire. This tool provides a list of new followers, users that have unfollowed you, suggestions of others, and recommendations for the best times for scheduling content. (don’t become obsessed with losing followers! Focus more on the scheduling aspect and who your new followers are, make sure to reintroduce yourself when you have a large influx of followers!)

SnapWidget: Embeds Instagram onto your website or blog. If you haven’t already put your socials on your website, stop everything and do that now!

Repost: Helps you build relationships with influencers and manage content.

Social Insight: the analytics tool aids in monitoring engagement, follower growth, interactions, and progress to determine the success of marketing efforts.


  1. Know when to post your content 

Posting your images at the right time is critical to boosting engagement with your pipes.

At TME, we think the best time to post on Instagram is between 10 am to 2 pm, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. 

However, it is essential to note that the key to success is identifying your unique audience and noting when they are likely to be most responsive to your content.

Social media management tools such as Buffer and Hootsuite can enable you to identify the optimal time for posting your content. Instagram also now has its own unique analytics tools which can enable you to identify when your followers are most active online.

Learning the habits and needs of your audience can play a pivotal role in helping you craft the optimal strategy for achieving success. Instagram can help you boost your social media marketing strategy, allowing you to raise awareness about your brand, testing the effectiveness of your strategy. Good luck out there!