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As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, we know it is important to you to offer function, holistic nutrition to help your clients equip their bodies to heal. You use a variety of methods from clean eating to lifestyle choices to even the emotional components to make sure that your clients leave healthier than when they arrived. Similarly, when you are increasing your reach, you need to approach it through many different avenues. 

At The Mom Empire, we want to make sure we give you the tools you need to succeed while also providing any additional resources you might need. As you get started, here are 7 steps to make sure that you are reaching the people that need to hear from you. 

1. Have an up-to-date website with SEO optimization 

SEO stands for “search engine optimization” and is a system that increases your visibility on search engines like Google. These search engines tend to give brands and businesses the highest amount of traffic to their many channels. The search engine has computers and algorithms searching the internet for the products and services that will best fit those searches. Having your website optimized using the SEO process will allow your website to be more visible on search engines and to draw users into your website. 

2. Fill your website with great blog posts, articles, and other valuable information

A website is only as good as its content. Make sure that your website not only offers a clear mission statement and the details of your business, but also includes blog posts, articles, and other valuable information. This is a great way to show your expertise and wet your clients’ appetites for your services! 

3. Have a solid Google Business profile

More and more people are looking to Google reviews to decide whether to use your business or to continue searching. Curating a profile that is helpful, accurate, and appealing will draw customers to your page. Further, having clients add their pictures and five-star reviews will set you apart from your competition. You may even consider offering small discounts for people who leave a positive review. If there is a negative review, consider responding kindly and offering a solution so that prospective clients see that you are committed to giving the best services available (including customer service). 

4. Use Facebook for personal testimonies

Facebook is an excellent tool for personal testimonies since it allows graphics, photos, videos, and a large character counts. You can not only draw people into your page but show them your commitment to quality by allowing them to hear from your clients. Ensure that you preview the range of services available as you reach out to clients for testimonials. Do you do muscle testing? Include a clip and a testimony. Even your staff can get in on the experience! If you are using video, shorter videos (1-3 minutes) tend to be the most effective.

5. Post beautiful, value adding images to Instagram

Instagram is a platform built around beautiful images and people’s desire to interact with those images. Well-crafted graphics, appealing imagery, and infographics create an inviting atmosphere for potential clients and existing clients to engage. As you begin to post, create a plan. Make sure that the posts you are adding to your Instagram have value. Don’t post just to post. Using a strategy to represent your business is an excellent starting place. Consider getting a verified Instagram Business account so that customers feel safe interacting as well.

6. Be consistent with Instagram posts

While you do not want to post unnecessarily, you do not want to post too little either. Create a calendar and stick to it so that you have consistent posts throughout the week/month. 

7. Share and post other valuable information onto your LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is an excellent place for professionals, especially, to be able to find you. Have your staff members link to your business and post relevant information there. Add in posts where your company has been mentioned in the news or even a local magazine!