The Mom Empire

Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program is for women who are interested in making truly passive income as affiliate marketers. We are currently offering best in the industry affiliate rates, and are looking to build long lasting relationships with more amazing affiliates.

Easy Setup

We’ll get you setup in about 20 minutes. We’ll get you a simple link that you can share with your existing audience, as well as a poster of best ways to be successful.

Fast Payouts

We track all conversions that you can see in your dashboard. This helps you see your monthly income, plan for the future, and helps us generate your payouts quickly each month.

Passive Income

Realize your dreams

The internet if full of get rich quick schemes, and to be honest it’s hard to spot them if you don’t know what to look for. The truth is that there’s no fast track to success, and certainly no shortcut to making a lot of money online. It takes hard work, and a lot of time to realize the fruits of your labor.

We only share that, because we have been working with women growing their own businesses through online marketing for years now. It takes a great strategy executed over a long period of time. And then after years, you’re an overnight success… 😉

With our affiliate program, we are looking for partners that understand quality online marketing, the value it adds, and are looking for a real-life boutique agency to help them reach their own passive income dreams.

15% of every subscription is what we pay our affiliates. That is for each month the customer is active on our program.

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