Finding Your WHY

Everyone has a why statement. It may seem like a cliche statement but knowing your WHY can help you further your career. Your why statement is your statement of purpose for why you do what you do. Why you chose that specific path.

Simon Sinek said it best: The WHY is the purpose, cause or belief that drives every one of us.

A big WHY for entrepreneurs is about being their own boss. Not clocking in every day to work for someone else. But maybe your why isn’t so simple. Maybe your why is unclear to you. You might know what you want to do for work, but the fear of taking a step forward into the unknown far outweighs the fear of remaining miserable, because at least it’s familiar to you.

Here are 4 helpful tips you can use to find your WHY!

  1. Identify the things in your life you could do to make your life or someone else’s life better.
  2. Think of some activities or hobbies that you do where you don’t notice time passing. Something that you love to do! (maybe it’s something you liked when you were a kid!)
  3. Think of some things people ask of you a lot or thank you for doing a lot… like editing a paper, helping resolve a conflict, making beautiful art, creating fun games, etc.
  4. What would you do for free if money weren’t an obstacle?! (this one is fun to do in general, but it may lead to you finding your WHY!) Write it down and map it out!

If you are feeling anxious, overwhelmed or unfulfilled, it is likely because you don’t have a clear understanding of your “why”. By working for someone, you are living up to someone else’s “why” in the absence of your own. You are out of alignment with your own unique purpose.

Right now you have infinite choices about the type of work you can do and how you can go about doing it. If you want to feel fulfilled and successful, choose the type of work that you’d enjoy so much that you’d consider it your purpose, your desire, your calling, your conviction, your life’s work, and your reason WHY.

Let us know your why if you know it or even if you are just finding it! We would love to know!