Mom Team to Watch: Heal at Home Moms

Our names are Jena Beise and Erin Shinkle. We’re doctors of physical therapy who specialize in women’s health. Long story short, we got tired of seeing women living with postpartum issues that we know how to get rid of.

If we had our way, every mom would get physical therapy from a specialist (like us). But we know that’s not always possible. And the truth is, there’s so much you can do on your own. All you need is the knowledge.

That’s why we made Heal at Home Moms. It’s for women of all ages who want to feel better, and it’ll work if you work. Give us 30 minutes a day, and we’ll give you everything you need to heal at home.

As a parent, how do you prioritize your day?

I try to give my children and myself some attention first. I feel that we all need that before I can go forward and feel ready to be “productive”. Then I prioritize tasks based on importance level and time sensitivity.

What made you decide to start your business or blog?

As a Physical Therapist and pelvic floor specialist, I saw a real need that wasn’t being filled. Moms need to know how to safely and effectively heal their bodies after babies but they can’t always make it to PT in the clinic (due to $, crazy schedules, or lack of skilled care available). I wanted to create an option where every momma could be empowered to know about their bodies and how to heal them- from home.

Who are your biggest influences?

Good question. I’m an internal motivator. But my husbands amazing support greatly influences me and motivates me. I also love seeing what other rockstar mommas are doing out there in the world.

What advice would you give parents who work from home?

Find a schedule. It’s all about balance. I can feel the need to work off and on all the time and that isn’t a long term solution for anyone. So schedule work and schedule family time and rest.

What advice would you give parents who are working to start or build their business?

You CAN do it! Dream big and then take the actual steps to make them happen. It is possible 🙂

What one word would you choose to describe yourself?