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As a realtor, one way to grow your business is to establish yourself as a premium brand. You want to show your previous, current, and prospective clients that you offer a full-package experience. The quality of your presence on social media helps clients to believe that you bring that same aspect to their experience. The question then becomes how to establish this premium branding. Here are 7 ways to establish your brand and show your clients what to expect.  

  1. Focus on high-value clients
    The value of a premium brand is a luxurious experience. It is easier to give tremendous value to fewer clients than it is to an abundance. Focus on the highest value clients, giving them the deluxe treatment.
  2. Instagram Marketing
    As a visual platform, Instagram is the leading lead generator for realtors. It brings in the premium clients through consistent presence,
  3. Striking Photography
    Since Instagram’s algorithms and purpose are primarily built on imagery, photography will become your greatest strategy. Many realtors use professional photographers when staging and selling properties. These images are the ideal contribution for your Instagram and give a glimpse into your work as well as the services you offer.
  4. Reels for Days
    Reels are short videos that can be shared on multiple platforms. They are primarily shared through Instagram and can easily go viral. They can easily reach a massive audience if they are funny and quick. Consider scrolling through the recommended Reels on Instagram to see what types of videos are trending, what content is missing (so that you can create original content), and how you can communicate more about your business through this fun space.
  5. Entertainment Value
    When a client saves a post, this becomes a strong metric for your business. As you add more content to your account, make sure that it is not only informative but also has entertainment value. People want to see your beautiful photos, but they also want to add levity to their day. Wendy’s Twitter has become a go-to place because it is funny, spicy, and adds fun to the day-to-day experience. The Bucket List Family is intensely popular for their travel photography but also the laugh-inducing family content as well. Find a way to entertain your clients and they will save your posts.
  6. Embrace Selfies
    Selfies are the currency of Instagram, so don’t be shy. Learn how to position yourself, use great lighting (Find the time for the Golden Hour or Magic Hour in your time zone), and even make short videos highlighting your community involvement as well as your other great clients. When you spotlight clients, businesses you frequent (painters, handymen, etc), and others who work alongside you, you create a community feel as well.
  7. Have a growth mindset
    Offload the Instagram management as you grow or when you want to grow faster. It is hard to give attention to a lot of things at once, especially if you do not know the platform. Let us help you grow and land those amazing clients.