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So, you’ve got your mic, your ring light, and your guest list, now what?
We’ve compiled some tips for marketing your podcast, before you launch and after you launch.

Spoiler alert: You’re going to want to use social media.

It can be difficult to figure out how you can engage your audience outside of your podcast but here at The Mom Empire, we are ready to help you!

As you prepare for launch day, there are a few things to bake into your podcasting strategy to make sure you are setting yourself up for success.

1. Launch Multiple Episodes
When you decide on your launch day, make sure to publish at least three and as many as five episodes on that first day. This will give your audience a greater sense of your point of view and the focus of your brand. In your first episode, you primarily focus on introducing yourself and your content so adding more episodes allows potential listeners to feel like they know what you are doing before they subscribe.

2. Host guests
Bringing in different guests on your podcasts adds a lot of value. Not only does it give your audience different points of view and resources on your topic of choice, but it also allows for cross promotion. Cross promotion means that both you and your guest are promoting each other and the podcast on your individual channels. Your guest will promote the podcast and your work while you do the same for them. This allows you both to leverage each other’s social media networks to increase your reach.

3. Launch your Instagram and email network in advance
Launching your Instagram before your podcast begins is a great way to give teasers and wet the appetite of your potential listeners. You can introduce them to you, add quotes from your first podcast, and include ways to engage. This will bring more people to your initial podcast and will keep them coming back for more. While the email system may feel less relevant, you want to have a way for your audience to stay engaged with you and your content on a regular basis. Having a way for them to sign up for email marketing from you helps them to feel invested.

4. Transcribe the Audio
Use websites like Rev.com or Fiverr to transcribe the audio of your podcasts. This allows listeners to follow along easily with what is going on in the podcast. This can clear up any misunderstanding that may occur. It also makes your podcast accessible for people who may need accommodations.

5. Submit your podcast to podcatchers
Podcatchers are different applications that listeners use to subscribe to and listen to different podcasts. Submitting your podcast to these podcatchers increases the likelihood that people will have access to your content and will subscribe to it.

Now that you have launched your podcast and you have some episodes up for people to listen to, let’s find new and exciting ways for you to engage those who are listening while adding new listeners each week.


1. Send a reminder email
For those who have signed up to receive marketing emails from you, send them an email when a new episode drops. Include graphics, quotes, and other shareable content so it is easy for them to tweet, share on Instagram, or otherwise engage with your content.

2. Quality over quantity
You do not have to engage with all platforms of social media right away. You need to make sure that you can deliver quality content on every platform that you use so make sure that you have the bandwidth to keep up with the social media avenues that you use. Instagram is a popular app that you can use to share clips, audio, graphics, and more. Begin there and branch out as you are able. Further, each social media source has a different set of rules, audience, and style. This includes using the proper hashtags for your post. Make sure that the content you create is right for where it is being posted!

3. Diversify your posts
While it may feel easiest to do the same style post each time, creating a diversity of posts allows for greater engagement with your listeners. Create a strategy or schedule so that you routinely rotate between sound bites, clips, video, images, teasers, quotes, and behind the scenes tidbits to keep your audience interested.

4. Blog content to support the show
While your podcast and your Instagram are interesting, there needs to be a place for listeners to go when they want more information. Creating a blog allows you to post content that supports the subjects you are addressing in your podcast. It can be supplemental information on the same subject or it can be other subjects related to this one. Either way, a blog can support your podcast.

5. Be a guest
Similar to the point above, be a guest on other podcasts. Whether their topic is directly related to yours or not, this is another excellent opportunity for cross promotion.

6. Use YouTube
Convert the audio to a YouTube video or even do a video podcast. This allows your audience to see you and feel even more engaged with your podcast. This also gives them other avenues to listen to and share your podcast.

7. New and Noteworthy
On iTunes, you have 8 weeks to make the “New and Noteworthy” list which allows potential listeners to find you with ease. The two weeks are the most important. Offer a giveaway, throw a virtual party, add more blog content, use contributors and supporters. Get your name out there and use creative means to draw people in so that you make this list of successful, new podcasts.

If all this feels overwhelming, reach out to The Mom Empire and let us get you on track. Whether you are looking for a full service marketing plan or just the schedule to get started, we can helping on your path to success.