Jennifer O’Shea, Teach Workout Love

As a mom, how do you prioritize your day?

I usually base my day on what we need to do for that day. I am a working mom so I have to follow everything that is to happen that day. What special does my daughter have that day? Did I pack my lunch? Is my daughter dressed and teeth brushed? Then trying to leave the house with everything needed and get through the day. When I come home, I always prioritize what needs to happen in order for the short time before my daughter needs to go in bed.

What made you decide to start your business or blog?

I decided to start blogging because I love to write. I also wanted to be apart of a community. As a military family, we move around a lot and I needed a way to be apart of a community even if we have to move! This worked out perfectly.

Who are your biggest influences?

I would say my mom and my principal at my current job. Both are great influences in different ways. But overall, they both are wonderful people and care about some many more people than I have ever seen before. Incredibly selfless and it’s such an influence.

What advice would you give moms who work from home?

Use a daily planner. It has saved me from going crazy with too many thoughts.

What advice would you give moms who are working to start or build their business?

Don’t give up! It just takes time.

What one word would you choose to describe yourself?