Jenny, The Mom Empire

Welcome to the Mom Empire!

I am honored to feature several successful women in this interview series to share life tips and business advice. These women range from successful startups, to bloggers, side projects, and even the women behind the scenes of the Mom Empire.

Which brings me to … well, me!

I’m Jenny, Founder of the Mom Empire. You’ve heard me say it before: we hire moms to help other moms build their business under the time constraints, pressures, and language unique to mothers.

I have two children: a funny 2 year old daughter who is beginning to test her boundaries and a charismatic 10 month old son who has just learned to climb the stairs. My day is PACKED and I rely on this network of women to get done what I need to get done as much as they rely on me to do the same. After all, no mom is alone when there is an entire Empire of women to back you.

Below are the questions you can expect from our featured moms. I’m thrilled to share with you!

What made you decide to start the Mom Empire?

When I quit my office job to go freelance and start my family, I entered into a world of mom bloggers. So many moms were attempting to exist in this (relatively new) remote workplace environment, many out of necessity to earn just enough money to cover a couple bills. And others were struggling to start their business around their family schedule and with limited startup resources. We cater directly to these groups. Our Marketing Moms and Support Moms earn a subsidiary income by helping Entrepreneur Moms build their business and earn an income. It’s a loop. It’s a network. It’s an empire.

As a mom, how do you prioritize your day?

I admit, I’m a workaholic. But I try very hard to only be on my computer between 8:30-3:30 so that I can be fully present for my family during morning and evening routines. The kids are involved in a Parent’s Day Out program two days a week and I go full force on those days. On days that I need to play catch up, I’ll work from my phone on the couch (with my husband) after the kids are in bed. If I absolutely have to, I’ll get up early to get some work done before the kids wake up.

What advice would you give moms who work from home? 

Pick a schedule, and stick to it. If your time to work is at nap time, then save unloading the dishwasher for later, and work. If you are a night owl, set a few hours after bedtime to get it done. Be consistent. Your family will become accustomed to your work hours if they know what to expect.

What advice would you give moms who are working to start or build their business?

Momentum is key. Set a to-do list, and even if you only do one thing per day, don’t stop moving. It is so hard to get started again if you stop.

What one word would you choose to describe yourself?


Is there anything else you want to share with the Mom Empire?

It’s okay to make mistakes. Sometimes I will look back and cringe, but it’s always in those moments that I see the most growth!