30 Days to Build Your Business


How long have you been sitting on your idea with no idea how or where to start?

This course is for you. We have broken down the main business startup tasks into one task per day for 30 days. We will take you through registering your domain, building your website, laying down a foundation for SEO, setting up your email, and starting your social media campaign.

One task per day for 30 days. That’s all it takes to finally get started on building your business!

Once you register, you will start to get prompts once per day (starting Feb 1) to your email that you entered during checkout. The daily email will contain a full how-to guide on getting your task done for the day. Simply follow the steps. And 30 days later, you will be ready to start marketing and making money.

It’s that easy to get started on building your business.


The Mom Empire is the only marketing company built around the “mom schedule.” We are not your average marketing company. We are a group of moms with experience in starting and growing our own businesses. As moms, we know how hard it is to set aside the time and money to build your current business, capitalize on your business idea or earn a subsidiary income. This is why we formed the Mom Empire – to help you grow as quickly as possible for the most affordable price possible.

At the Mom Empire, we believe momentum is key to starting or growing your business. But when faced with other responsibilities sometimes it’s impossible to move forward at the pace you need. Our team has years of experience in graphic design, web design, and marketing. We want to share our talent with you in order to help you build your business and then maintain it. Whether you are at the starting line with an idea, you need a redesign or rebranding, or need help growing your following, we can help you.