She’s Sweet But A Psycho

Ladies, it’s not normal to have absolute faith in your business. It’s not normal to dedicate the same level of focus and effort to the same thing over and over for a long time period. 

It’s exceptional. Dare I say, a little bit psycho? 

Here’s the thing … everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. They want to work for themselves, they want the money, and they want freedom to do whatever they want to do. And they fail. 

They fail because they lack passion or intention or focus or vision or all of the above. They don’t know what to do when they put up a website and no one comes. Or when they throw an amazing sale and no one buys. 

They begin to doubt the validity of what they are doing: maybe they were wrong and women don’t want an online store completely dedicated to tunics that fall just so across their hips. Maybe the idea to create an entire line of non-plastic stylish children’s toys could never compete with Little Tikes. But then why is everyone wearing LuLaRoe and buying Melissa & Doug? 

What does DeAnne (founder of LuLaRoe) and Melissa have that you don’t have?

I’m not a psychologist but I’d be willing to bet they’re a little bit psycho. I mean they’re abnormal. I mean that they are some of the very few who have absolute faith in their business and translate that into long-term intention.

If you’re a Miracle Morning junkie, like I am, you may be familiar with Hal Elrod’s example of Michael Jordan’s mindset to approach every game with unwavering faith. 

Michael Jordan knows with absolute certainty that he can make the shot. If he didn’t, he knows with absolute certainty that he will make the next shot. If he didn’t, he knows with absolute certainty that he will make the next shot. 

Champion athletes say “give me the ball, I am going to make it.” If they don’t, there is no self doubt because they know they will make the next one. 

Unwavering faith + extraordinary effort is Hal Elrod’s equation for miracles. What’s extraordinary about the effort? Consistency. It’s that simple. 

Set your vision. Approach the vision with unwavering faith. Set your steps for how to achieve the final vision. And be consistent about taking those steps. If something doesn’t work, you can always reevaluate how to get there and introduce new steps without doubting the validity of the overall vision.

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Article By The Mom Empire founder Jennifer Waldsmith