What My Toddler Eats in a Day (with pictures)

*Article by Jordyn at Jordyn Journals

Meal #1: Almond milk, usually about 3 oz to start his day. He drinks this while I drink my coffee!

Meal #2: Oatmeal with honey and PB, and a side of strawberries!

Meal #3: Rolled up sandwiches or pinwheels! All this is; whole wheat tortillas, cream cheese, turkey, cheese rolled up and cut like sushi! Side of strawberries, and a bowl of cucumbers mixed with ranch and Italian dressing! (Forgot to take a pic, but here he is helping me make it lol) He will not eat cucumbers unless they have dressing like this on them.

Meal #4: Usually some type of snack before dinner, today he wanted yogurt raisins, and then pasta salad from the night before! Also, I put some ham on his plate and a couple of potatoes he didn’t touch!

Final meal: dinner! He ate a pretty big “snack” earlier so I just made him half of a shredded barbecue chicken burger and some pickles!

After dinner we do our routine, clean up, start the Roomba, take bath & books and he gets more almond milk or chocolate almond milk. Depending on the day we do popsicles before bed sometimes. All about balance! 

About the Author:

My name is Jordyn Gonzalez and I am a stay at home mama to two beautiful, rowdy boys! I have always been extremely passionate about health and fitness, but it was not until after my second son was born that I started my journey in functional nutrition. Like many other moms I have known, my story was similar. Low energy, no motivation, stomach issues, extreme fatigue, etc. This was all was put off as normal “post-partum” symptoms. But if you only take one thing from me take this, you DO NOT have to feel like that and it is NOT normal! As a Christian woman, I know Christ did not put us mama’s here to feel like an empty cup but to THRIVE and LOVE motherhood. My main goal is to help other women feel that way and uncover the root cause of why they are not. I want to help women feel like themselves again, and in turn be the best mama they can be. I have turned my love for nourishing my littles and my own body with real food and movement into a passion! The bodies we have are our temples, they deserve to feel GOOD and feel LOVED. As I navigate motherhood I am loving teaching my littles this, and becoming the mama and women I KNOW I deserve to be! The journey is just beginning and I am so blessed to be in the driver’s seat of my family and my own health! 

“I have no greater joy that to know that my children are walking in the truth.” ~3 John 4

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